Return All Genomes in PATRIC

p3-all-genomes [options]

This script returns the IDs of all the genomes in the PATRIC database. It supports standard filtering parameters and the specification of additional columns if desired.


There are no positional parameters.

The command-line options are those given in Data Options plus the following.


List the names of the available fields.


Only include public genomes. If this option is NOT specified and you are logged in (via p3-login), your own private genomes will also be included in the output.


Only include private genomes. If this option is specified and you are not logged in, there will be no output. It is mutually exclusive with public.

You can peruse


to gain access to all of the supported fields. There are quite a

few, so do not panic. You can use something like

p3-all-genomes -a genome_name -a genome_length -a contigs -a genome_status

to get some commonly sought fields.