Filter a File Against Contents of a Second File

p3-file-filter.pl [options] filterFile filterCol1 filterCol2 ...

Filter the standard input using the contents of a file. The output will contain only those rows in the input file whose key value matches a value from the specified column of the specified filter file. To have the output contain only those rows in the input file that do NOT match, use the --reverse option. This is similar to p3-merge, except that script operates on whole lines instead of a set of key fields.


The positional parameters are the name of the filter file and the indices (1-based) or names of the key columns in the filter file. If the latter parameter is absent, the value of the --col parameter will be used (same name or index as the input file).

The standard input can be overriddn using the options in Input Options.

Additional command-line options are the following.


Instead of only keeping input records that match a filter record, only keep records that do NOT match.


The name or index of the key column in the input file. If more than one value is specified, the columns are matched one-for-one with the corresponding filter file columns.