Convert Functions to Roles in a Tab-Delimited File

p3-function-to-role [options] <features.with.functions.tbl >features.with.roles.tbl

This script takes a file of features with functional assignments (products) included and replaces the functions with roles. Hypothetical roles are not considered real, so some features may be deleted. Conversely, some functions have multiple roles, so other features may be replicated.

If a strict subset of roles is desired, the --roles option should be used.


There are no positional parameters.

The standard input can be overriddn using the options in Input Options.

The command-line options in Column Options can be used to select the input column. The input column should contain functional assignments. This column will be replaced with role descriptions in the output.

The additional command-line options are


A tab-delimited file of roles. Each record consists of (0) a role ID, (1) the role checksum, and (2) the role description. Specify this file if you want a role-filtering scheme other than official PATRIC roles.