Generate Clusters From Pairs Using Transitive Closure

p3-generate-clusters.pl [options] col1 col2

This script reads in a tab-delimited file representing pairs of objects and generates a transitive closure to create clusters.

The clusters will be output one per line, with a specified delimiter between elements. The default delimiter is ::, but you can specify a tab, a space, or any character sequence that doesn’t appear in any element of the pair.


The positional parameters are the names or 1-based indices of the two columns containing the object names. So, an invocation of

p3-generate_clusters 1 2

would indicate the first two columns contain the paired object names. An invocation of

p3-generate-clusters role1 role2

would process the output from p3-generate-close-roles.

The standard input can be overriddn using the options in Input Options. Use the options in Delimiter Options to specify the delimiter.

Additional command-line options are as follows.


Title to give to the output column. The default is <cluster>.