PATRIC Webinar – Metagenomic Binning Service, Wednesday February 28, 2018, 3:00pm EST (20:00 GMT)

Published on 2018-02-13

PATRIC provides a new Metagenomic Binning Service that accepts either reads or contigs, and attempts to “bin” the data into a set of genomes. It can be used to reconstruct bacterial and archael genomes from environmental samples. The new service will produce reports that estimate the quality of the reconstructed genome for each bin, as well as potentially problematic annotations for each of the derived genomes.

On February 28th at 3pm EST we will provide a webinar demonstrates this service. Please email if you plan to attend so that we will know approximately how many participants to expect. The webinar will be recorded and made available for later access.

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PATRIC Video Tutorial – Proteome Comparison

Published on 2018-02-06

PATRIC provides a service that allows researchers to compare annotated proteins by bi-directional BLASTP analysis. The Proteome Comparison tool can be used to examine up to compare nine genomes to single reference, which can be a genome that has been annotated in PATRIC or from an independent source, or a group of proteins. A recorded webinar that demonstrates this service is now available on the PATRICBRC YouTube site at <>

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PATRIC January 2018 Data and Website Release

Published on 2018-01-31

In this release, PATRIC has added over 4,000 new genomes and associated metadata, bringing the total number of genomes and plasmids in PATRIC to over 150,000. This release also features a new Metagenomic Binning Service that allows users to assemble and annotate high-quality microbial genomes directly from metagenomic reads.

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