PATRIC April 2014 Release: New Data Summary and Special Collections Pages

Published on 2014-04-02 00:00:00

*Data Summary Pages*

You can now quickly access PATRIC data and analyses tools organized by the type of data you’re most interested in.  Data Summary pages are available under the Data tab in the main navigation along the top of the PATRIC website.  Current Data Summary pages are for Antibiotic Resistance, Genomes, Genomic Features, Pathways, Protein Families, Specialty Genes, and Transcriptomics.

Each Data Summary contains descriptions and/or graphical displays of the current data at PATRIC, specific data for selected genomes, related tools and tutorials, and diagrams of how we curate, map and integrate each data type at PATRIC.

*Special Data Collections Pages*

The Special Collections data pages highlight sets of data that were generated to be used together to study a problem.  They may include heterogeneous data (for example, RNA-Seq plus ChIP-Seq data) or many instances of a single data type (for example, transcriptomics across many conditions, genome sequences to study diversity or an outbreak).  Many of the collections have been generated by NIAID-funded projects to provide baseline data for further use by researchers. Where available, we include the results of the analysis across the collection of data.

Special Collections are available under the Data tab in the main navigation along the top of the PATRIC website and currently include: PATRIC Collaborations, PATRIC Driving Biological Projects (DBPs), NIAID Clinical Proteomics, NIAID Genome Sequencing, NIAID Structural Genomics, and NIAID Systems Biology.