PATRIC October 2014 Release Features New Special Data Sets and Updated Project Information

Published on 2014-10-31 00:00:00

Additional Special Data Sets

In addition to incorporating large data sets from public repositories, PATRIC features Special Collections data pages that highlight data sets that were generated for users to use together to study a problem. Many of the collections have been generated by NIAID-funded projects to provide baseline data for further use by researchers. Where available, we include the results of the analysis across the collection of data. The following special data sets have been added or updated in this release:

New Project Information

This is the first PATRIC release under the newly awarded round of Bioinformatics Resource Centers (BRCs). The prime contract is now with the University of Chicago, with Rick Stevens as Principal Investigator. Virginia Bioinformatics Institute of Virginia Tech is now a subcontractor to University of Chicago. The website updates below reflect these changes.