PATRIC/RAST Workshop at ASM Microbe, June 7, 2018, Atlanta, GA

Published on 2018-04-04 00:00:00

The PATRIC/RAST teams will be offering a tutorial workshop June 7, 2018, at ASM Microbe 2018 in Atlanta, GA. The workshop will run for one day and will cover key functionality of the PATRIC system.

The tutorial will show participants how to assemble a genome from reads, annotate that genome, and then compare that genome to the public genomes available in PATRIC using a suite of comparative analysis tools. In addition, participants will be able to load and analyze RNA-Seq data, use PATRIC’s new Metagenomic Binning Service, and annotate sequence variations. BLAST service. Participants will also learn to use PATRIC’s newest services including building phylogenetic trees, that include the ability to build a phylogenetic tree using PATRIC’s new tree-building pipeline, and do analysis of Tn-Seq data.

Registration through ASM 2018 is required. Registration information can be found on the ASM 2018 registration page and details regarding the PATRIC workshop are available at 002-WS - Analyzing Your Data in PATRIC: Assembly, Annotation, SNPs, RNA-Seq with a Suite of Tools.

LOCATION ASM Microbe 2018, Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA


 8:00 am   Register for PATRIC Account, Overview (

 8:30 am   Genome Assembly

 9:00 am   Genome Annotation

 9:30 am   Close Genome Finder

 9:45 am   Buid Phylogenetic Trees

10:15 am   Break

10:30 am   Proteome Comparison

11:00 am   Comparative Genomics

12:00 pm   Lunch

 1:00 pm   RNA-Seq and Expression Import

 1:45 pm   Transcriptomics Analysis Tools

 2:15 pm   Break

 2:30 pm   PATRIC's BLAST Service

 2:45 pm   Metagenomic Binning Service

 3:15 pm   Variation Service - SNPs and indels

 4:00 pm   Workshop ends