PATRIC May 2018 Data and Website Release

Published on 2018-05-31 00:00:00

This PATRIC release includes a new Comprehensive Genome Analysis Service, new Website Homepage, Genome-Sharing capability, and over 13,000 new genomes.

Data Updates:

New Genomes

In this release, PATRIC has added over 13,000 new genomes and associated metadata, bringing the total number of genomes and plasmids to over 164,000. The full list of available microbial and host genomes can be accessed here.

New Website Features:

Comprehensive Genome Analysis Service

The Comprehensive Genome Analysis Service provides a streamlined analysis “meta-service” that accepts raw reads and performs a comprehensive analysis including Assembly, Annotation with a comparative analysis that includes a Subsystem summary, a Phylogenetic Tree, and the features that distinguish the genome from its nearest neighbors. The PATRIC Comprehensive Genome Analysis Service is available here.

New PATRIC Homepage Design Note: Released June 6, 2018. We have redesigned the PATRIC homepage to clarify, simplify, and streamline access to the ever increasing data and functionality of the PATRIC resource. The new homepage is available here. For a limited time, we will also maintain the previous version of the homepage until users are accustomed to the new page. The previous homepage is available here.

Genome Sharing Note: Released June 6, 2018. You can now share genomes you have annotated in PATRIC so that other users can access them in an integrated way in PATRIC in the same manner that you can. Instructions for genome sharing are available here.

Updated Documentation We have updated all of the User Guides for the PATRIC website, which provide instructions for using PATRIC tools and features. The PATRIC User Guides are available here.