PATRIC July 2018 Data and Website Release

Published on 2018-08-03 00:00:00

This PATRIC release includes a new Bacteriophage resource including over 4,700 phage genomes, over 5,000 new Salmonella enterica genomes with AMR panel data, over 9600 additional new bacterial and archeal genomes, updated protein functions and families, updated subsystems, and updated AMR genes.

Data Updates:

New Genomes

In this release, PATRIC has added over 15,000 new genomes and associated metadata, bringing the total number of genomes and plasmids to over 180,000. Included are 9,691 new bacterial and archeal genome from GenBank and 5,278 new Salmonella enterica genomes from the FDA that have AMR panel data. The Salmonella genomes were assembled and annotated by PATRIC. The full list of available microbial and host genomes can be accessed here.

New Website Features:

Bacteriophage Resource

PATRIC now has bacteriophage genome data and related functionalty. Included are 4,722 phage genomes from GenBank, annotated using PATRIC’s phage-specific annotation service. Phage protein families have been constructed to support comparative analysis. The Similar Genome Finder Service can be used to identify similar genomes and phage genes and proteins cam be searched using the new phage-specific BLAST databases. All phages and related data are accessible from the PATRIC homepage, here.