PATRIC Office Hours, November 30, 2018, 11:00am EST

Published on 2018-11-30

Have a question on data or how to do something in PATRIC? We’re trying something new. On Friday, November 16th between 2 and 3 pm EST we will have our first in a series of office hours. Login to the Zoom account listed below and ask a question, and we will show you how it can be answered using PATRIC. No registration is required, but please contact Rebecca Wattam ( if you plan to attend.

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PATRIC Webinar – Genome Annotation Service, November 20, 2018, 11:00am EST

Published on 2018-11-20

More than 82,000 genome annotation jobs have been submitted to PATRIC since the service was enabled through the PATRIC system in 2015. On 20 November 2018 at 11am EST we will offer a PATRIC webinar that demonstrates submitting an annotation job and examining the results once it is completed. PATRIC’s annotation service uses the RASTtk pipeline and the resulting genomes are stored in a private workspace. Private genomes can be compared to any of the 190,000 genomes that are publicly available in PATRIC. To register, please contact Rebecca Wattam (

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PATRIC September 2018 Data Release

Published on 2018-10-23

This PATRIC release includes over 15,000 new genomes bringing the total to over 200,000, as well as AMR data for over 2,800 genomes, and other data updates.

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