The top-level Data Menu provides direct access to data sets by type or special grouping in PATRIC.


Clicking on one of the menu items will display the corresponding summary-level page in PATRIC, as described below.

Data Types

The Data Types submenu items link to summary information pages that provide descriptions and as well as linked examples for the various data elements in PATRIC, along with how we derive, curate, map, and/or integrate the data of that type.

Antibiotic Resistance


Genomic Features


Protein Families

Specialty Genes


Specialty Data Collections

The Specialty Data Collections submenu items link to pages in PATRIC featuring data sets of interest that are related either by collaborations, common programs (e.g., NIAID-funded centers), or other grouping. Summaries, experimental information, and links to data sets and corresponding publications are provided. Where appropriate, the data sets have been integrated into PATRIC.

PATRIC Collaborations


NIAID Clinical Proteomics

NIAID Genome Sequencing

NIAID Structural Genomics

NIAID Systems Biology

NIAID Functional Genomics

Download Data

Provides a link to the PATRIC FTP server