NIAID Genome Sequencing

The Genomic Centers for Infectious Diseases (GSCID)

Many of the genomes and their metadata available at the BRCs come from the GCIDs. The GCIDs will use and develop or improve innovative applications of genomic technologies, such as RNA sequencing and metagenomics, and provide rapid and cost-efficient production of high-quality genome sequences of microorganisms, invertebrate vectors of infectious diseases, and hosts and host microbiomes related to NIAID’s list of emerging infectious diseases/pathogens.

For more information about projects conducted by the GCIDs, visit the individual Centers at:

J. Craig Venter

Broad Institute

University of Maryland School of Medicine

Several of the projects conducted by the GCIDs have a focus on antimicrobial resistance (AMR). A consolidated list of these projects is available at PATRIC.