NIAID Structural Genomics

Structural Genomics Centers for Infectious Diseases

The Structural Genomics Centers for Infectious Diseases apply state-of-the-art, high-throughput structural biology technologies to characterize the three dimensional (3-D) atomic structure of targeted proteins from pathogens in theNIAID priority lists. These targeted proteins are those with an important biological role or potential targets for vaccine and drug development.

The Centers provide the research community with:

  • Experimental 3-D protein structures.

  • Sequence-verified clones, and peptides made available through the centers. More will be added periodically.

  • Scientific community requested 3-D structure determination.

  • Molecular screening of proteins in complex with inhibitors, cofactors and substrate analogs.

The scientific community can make requests to the Centers to determine the structures of proteins of interest belonging to the targeted pathogens. For more information about the structures solved or current targets, visit the individual Centers at:

At PATRIC, you can see bacterial structures generated by the Centers, as well as make a request to the Centers for proteins at PATRIC that don’t currently have a structure.