Data Submission in PATRIC

PATRIC provides a repository of genomic and other data types, collected and integrated from multiple sources including public repositories, special studies, and individual researchers. There are two methods for depositing and making your data available in PATRIC:

To make your data fully integrated and publicly available in PATRIC

Please contact the PATRIC team at and we will work with you to incorporate your data along with the associated metadata that will enhance its search-ability and enable advanced comparative analyses with other PATRIC data. Currently supported data types include those listed below. Other data types can potentially be included as downloadable files on the PATRIC FTP server.

  • Genomes (annotated with the PATRIC Genome Annotation Service)

  • Gene annotations, which will be associated with the corresponding gene in PATRIC as a structured assertion on the gene page

  • Expression data, including microarray, protein, and RNA-Seq

  • Tn-Seq data

  • Protein-protein interactions

To upload your data into a PATRIC workspace for analysis or sharing with other registered PATRIC users

The first step in uploading data into PATRIC is to register and log in. You will then be able to upload your data into a private workspace and use the analysis tools listed below. You can also create special workspace for sharing with specific other registered users, or share as a “public workspace” available to all other registered users who are logged in.

Protein Tools