Uploading Data in PATRIC


In order to use your own private data with the PATRIC analysis services and tools requires uploading the data into the PATRIC Workspace. Each PATRIC service that accepts external data (e.g., Assembly, Annotation, RNA-Seq, etc.) provides a means for uploading the required data files for that service. However, sometimes it is desirable to upload files into the Workspace independent of a particular service or in bulk. The Workspace Upload functionality provides this capability. *

Accessing the Upload function in the Workspace

Upload Button

Note: Registration is required to use the PATRIC private Workspace. Once logged in, clicking the Upload button on the right side above the table in the workspace will display the Upload dialog box:

Upload Dialog Box

When uploading files, it is important to select the appropriate file type so that the Workspace and services will interpret the file correctly. During the upload process, PATRIC provides some file type verification to help avoid mis-typing of files. Files can be chosen by clicking the Select Files button or by “dragging and dropping” from your local computer to the indicated area in the dialog box.

Start Upload Button

Once the files are selected, clicking the Start Upload button will upload the files into the current folder in the Workspace.

Uploaded Files

Once the files have finished uploading, they will appear in the Workspace in the designated folder and can be used with the PATRIC services. Files can also be managed (moved, deleted, renamed, re-typed, etc.) using the workspace tools. See Workspace for more information.